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  1. Yoooooo, it's Dat, klay, dooooooooeeee! Wazzzzzzap people!

    I'm new, total noob and itchin to learn. Any pro experts out there willing to show this noob some tips and tricks.
    I would hands down, appreciate it. ;)
  2. Thw Wiki links for rizon don't seem to explain very well how to recieve, send files?

    It might just be me, since i'm a noob to rizon forums and all. But Wiki links for rizon, just to me did not explain how to reiceve and/or send files from or to my client from another person's client....
  3. Any professional experts out there willing to give some tips & tricks to a noob?

    I'm still getting the hang of this site. Using mIRC as my client. I have already registered on IRC and can join channels and talk to people now. Still tryin to remember as many commands as I can. So...
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