At first I wasn't going to make one of these threads, but changed my mind, so here it is

I'm Dusty, my real name is Matt. Quite a few people are surprised when they find this out, but I'm 15 years old, and I live in England. My hobbies are listening to music, playing badminton, playing guitar, and of course, IRC.

I've been using IRC for around 5 years now (Yeah, I did discover IRC when I was 10 ) and if you know me, I'm a grammar nazi, and often correct people if they use 'text language'.

I'm not exactly new to Rizon, I've been around here for like, the past 8 months, hence why I reluctant to make a thread, and you'll probably find me in #chat, as I spend a lot of my evenings talking there.

Now just to wait for the British fag comment from Nessun