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Thread: Syntax or Dare for your channel

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    Default Syntax or Dare for your channel

    Want Syntax or Dare for your channel? Post your request here channel must be registered and you must be listed founder and be able to prove so on IRC.

    Also mention the flags and bot that you want:

    Bots: Syntax, Dare

    +bofh (Bastard Operator From Hell (-bofh))
    +bash ( quotes (-bash))
    +horoscope (Your horoscope for the day (-horoscope))
    +weather (See weather for your zipcode/city (-weather))
    +xrl (Shorten those long URL's in your channel (-xrl))
    +urbandict (Urban Dictionary (-udict))
    +urltitle (Automatically show URL titles for posted URL's)
    +bmotion (Bot AI the bot will have a conversation with your channel)
    +google (Google to your own needs (-google))
    +imdb (Check out information about a move (-imdb))
    +googlescore (Shows googles score for <url> (-googlescore))
    +grouphug (Adds grouphug to your channel (-gh))
    +qb (Adds quotebucket to your channel (-qb))
    +qb_announcenew (Automatically announces new approved quotebucket quotes)
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