I do have a given name but it rarely gets used as most call me Kiwi, both online and in person. An eleven year IRC user, I arrived to Rizon in mid '03 to set up a backup channel for an anime distro group I ran with. Since permanently relocating to Rizon in early '04, I became a (now former) network operator and hub co-owner. During my time as a staff I assisted in certain undertakings, such as co-founding #help.script and coding the first vHost pre-screening bot. I have met a number of network admins and operators IRL, including runpsicat (visiting from Japan) and Immelmann, and still meet up with a couple periodically.

Fun Facts

  • Briefly timed and typeset for fansub groups
  • Did a lot of cocaine in the '80s
  • Have used the same alias for twelve years and counting
  • Had a one-night stand with jackfrost (he melted)
  • Enjoy music and have a small collection of audio equipment

Shout out to old EB and staff, people whom I have worked with, and friendy folk I have met along the years. :>