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    Default irssi scripts/triggers

    It's not mIRC but irssi, but here we go:

    my triggers

    1 -publics -pubactions -pubnotices -parts -quits -kicks -topics -joins -channels '#ubuntuusers-team' -regexp '.*(fl)(o).*' -replace '$1\x02\x02$2'
    2 -publics -channels 'Rizon/#DontJoinItsATrap' -pattern 'YOU HAVE 1 MINUTE TO PART THE CHANNEL, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!' -command '/part #DontJoinItsATrap'
    3 -rawin -tags 'Rizon' -regexp '.*MODE #(.*) \+b ([^@]+)\@compilers\.bot' -command '/wait 1000;/mode #$1 -b $'
    4 -publics -nocase -regexp '(skulblaka|compiler)' -command '/exec - echo $\T/$\C: \\<$\N\\> $\M >> ~/.irssihilights && sleep 5 && echo >> ~/.irssihilights'
    5 -privmsgs -dcc_msgs -dcc_actions -dcc_ctcps -invites -command '/exec - echo $\T/$\C: \\<$\N\\> $\M >> ~/.irssihilights && sleep 5 && echo >> ~/.irssihilights'
    6 -joins -masks 'foobar!' -command '/voice foobar'

    1. doesn't let me hilight on "Flo" in #ubuntuusers-team (it breaks the nick in two parts)
    2. parts in #DontJoinItsATrap (shakeababy seems to have that at force-join on connect?)
    3. tries to unban foobar if it gets banned anywhere
    4. and 5. are there for my hilights to display them as you see at
    6. auto-voices foobar on join (it's only temporarly for some channels where I can't add it to the access list)

    Then the scripts I have installed: - Tab completition for bitlbee commands - runs a command on hilight - prints message-levels (e.g. PUBLIC MSG), I only have it on when I need it of course - show notices in the active channel, not in the status window - clear all activity channels (they show up colored, this kinda marks all as read) - if I'm the only person in an unregistered channel, auto-rejoin to get op - Autorejoin after kick (after 10 secons of course :P) - write away status to a file, will need that for a project. - notices people which hilight me while I'm away - shows ban-times in h/m/s instead of seconds - shows me the colors/etc. in bitlbee messages (AIM/ICQ) - Implements "... is typing" function into Bitlbee - A small calculator - better display of the activity targets - send me a notice on a flood in a channel - saves channel user-records - sort my channels automatically - sends unknown commands to server instead displaying "unknow command" - auto-responses to my query while I'm away (in a quite clever way) - /figlet <text> to show big ascii-art-text - easely paste files to IRC - implement a command /foreach user (e.g. /foreach user /whois $0) - shows my hilights in a seperate window - I can start typing and hit Ctrl+R to autocomplete it based on what I typed before - random funny kick messages if I don't specify one - shows kills in a nicer way (e.g. <nick> killed by <server>: <reason>) - "now playing" via - blocks commands if they're too long (e.g /topic) - easely give away links - show what happened before in a channel when joining - use my scroll wheel to scroll up/down in the buffer instead of the command history - colored nicks - cooler nick tab-completition showing some reccomendations - identd support - logs URLs - commands like /rsay to say things in a colorful way - automatically set me away when close the terminal/shut down DSLinux - easely install/update scripts - tab-completition for services-commands - split too long messages in multiple messages - implement a /sysinfo command - do something a given interval of times - set my window title according to the hilights - draw a track-bar when I switch the window - triggers - show usercound of a channel in my status bar - command /ws <part of channel name> to switch windows - tidy away empty windows

    Yes, I'm a script junkie.

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