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Thread: ChanStat is now released!

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    Default ChanStat is now released!

    ChanStat is an IRC channel statistics bot. It gives users different statistics about a channel.


    How do I view my channel's statistics?
    A: By simply typing !chanstats in the particular channel. But a ChanStat bot must be present in that channel for it to be recording stats.

    Q: How often do the stats update?
    A: Every 2 hours.

    Q: What features does ChanStat have?
    A: ChanStat is a fairly simple bot. We only have three commands available to the public.
    1. !chanstats: notices the user a link to the statistics page
    2. !top5: shows the top 5 most active channels in our database
    3. !update: says how long it will be before the next statistics update.

    Q: How can we assure our privacy?
    A: All data for the channels is kept on a secure vps with very limited access by a few select staff members. Not under any circumstances will channel data be given out to a regular user.

    Q: How large is ChanStat overall?
    A: We have been running since 2008, and we're currently serving statistics for over 1200 channels on various IRC networks.

    Q: How do I get ChanStat in my channel to begin the stat-taking process?
    A: Simply type: /invite ChanStat #yourchannel
    Then wait until the next update period for the channel's stats page to be posted.

    Q: What is an example of a statistics page?
    A: One example is

    To find out more information about us, visit, or join our support channel #ChanStat. We'd love to hear your feedback and have your support. You may do that by simply inviting our bot, idling in #ChanStat, or sending us a donation.

    ChanStat Staff

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    Sounds cool, thanks.

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    The need has come up for 1-2 new active staff members. Here are some of the qualities we're looking for:

    1. Extensive knowledge of C++, Python, Perl, or C
    2. Web/graphic design
    3. Fluent in English and other languages
    4. Over the age of 16
    5. Active on IRC
    6. Able to work well with people
    If you're interested, please answer the following questions and email them to

    1. What is your IRC nick(s)?
    2. What's your real name?
    3. What network(s) do you frequent the most?
    4. How old are you?
    5. Where are you from?
    6. How often are you on IRC per day?
    7. How long have you been using IRC?
    8. Do you have any of the previously mentioned qualities we're looking for?
    9. Which ones? Explain.
    10. Why do you want to become a ChanStat staff member?
    11. Why should we pick you over the other applicants?
    A reply should be sent within a week whether you've been denied or are being considered. If you have any further questions, stop by #ChanStat on SwiftIRC or Rizon.


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