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    Default Unlimited Mode Works

    Uh, this is my super overkill script III alpha turbo HD remix '97. There is absolutely no reason to use this. Anyone caught using this should be akilled. The next version will contain a line that shuts down your computer and wipes your porn folder every time you use it.

    If you disregard that warning and decide to use it, try to make sure there's no mlock on the active channel. Rizon doesn't have enough flood allowance for non-opers to make it feasible to put the kick line after the bans.

    Usage: Right-click on a name and select "Unlimited Mode Works". Not gonna make it into an alias or make a submenu to change time-limits and stuff. It's made to be simple and clean.

    menu nicklist {
      Unlimited Mode Works: {
        mode $chan +ilmR 1
        kick $chan $1 So as I pray, Unlimited Mode Works
        mode $chan +bbbb $address($1,0) $address($1,1) $address($1,2) $address($1,3)
        mode $chan +bbbb $address($1,4) $address($1,5) $address($1,6) $address($1,7)
        mode $chan +bbbb $1 $+ !*@* $address($1,8) $address($1,9) *!*@ $+ $gettok($right($address($1,2),$calc($len($address($1,2)) - 4)),1,46) $+ * 
        if ($gettok($right($address($1,2),$calc($len($address($1,2)) - 4)),2,46)) { 
          var %bantok = $gettok($right($address($1,2),$calc($len($address($1,2)) - 4)),0,46)
          while (%bantok) {
            var %banstring = %banstring *!*@*. $+ $gettok($right($address($1,2),$calc($len($address($1,2)) - 4)),%bantok,46) $+ .*
            if ($gettok(%banstring,4,32)) { mode $chan +bbbb %banstring | unset %banstring }
            dec %bantok
          mode $chan + $+ $str(b,$len($gettok(%banstring,0,32))) %banstring
        mode $chan +k $rand(1,99999)
        timer 1 7 mode $chan -ilmRk $chan(#).key

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