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Thread: Metroid Prime hunters - Nintendo DS

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    Default Metroid Prime hunters - Nintendo DS

    Hey all,

    Just wondaring if anyone here wishes to vs me in Metroid Prime hunters for Nintendo DS?

    Im a 4star bountyhunter looking for a good chalange!

    If your looking for a chalange and wanna have a game with me yeah post your friend code here and ill post mine and we can have a few matches together



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    I tried looking for any specific errors to your router problem and the closest thing i have found is this thread,

    As for MPH try joining us on #DSOrganize we are a good sized community left behind by an abandoned NDS homebrew of the same name with several people who still actually enjoy beating the hell out of each other on MPH as well as MANY other NDS and even 360/Wii games.

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