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Thread: Avatar on Stats

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    This may be something stupid, but why is there no option to remove your avatar?
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    Just a recommendation, on the statistics avatar upload page you really should specify the resolution and filesize restrictions...

    It is really annoying to receive an "invalid file" without knowing why...

    I take it that the filesize restriction is 20kb and width/height 150px. This is through experimentation unfortunately...

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    Default Max filesize

    Also the 20kb limit is a bit too low. For example:

    This image is 100px wide and 75 px high. It is also 28kb large. This is because it is a photo.

    A 150px image would by the very nature be a larger file. I know how people say 20kb is "more than enough" which is true for avatars that are anime chars or other drawn characters which generally lack a serious color depth (just saying). But for photos 20kb is nowhere near enough.

    I merely ask a technical review on the file size issue.

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    ty, i made it recently kool...

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    Default is down, any clue when it'd be back up?

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    Still down. Any info about this service? thanks

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    Yes, I would like to know what happened to that thing >.>
    Golden|Wolf Seraphim

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    Thumbs down

    Takže co bude? Mam si to snad opravit sám?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blbý kecy View Post
    Takže co bude? Mam si to snad opravit sám?
    omg co to meleš

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    ty rači nic nepiš, nebo tě tu zabanujou!!!

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