Hi everyone, I am new to Rizon Forums. My name is Ryan and I am 20 years old. By the way, I am (also) an unemployed male.

My hobbies and Interests include video gaming, reading novels and manga, surfing the web, watching cartoons, anime, TV, and movies.

I only watch Anime english dubbed and I only read manga in the form of (Officially) English Translated Tankōbon.

I get my manga by borrowing/checking it/them out from my public library, borrowing from friends, reading for free at bookstores, and getting other people to buy me manga with their own money. I rarely buy manga myself with my own money.

Oh, and I don't read manga scans at all.

I get my anime by downloading it, watching it on TV, as well as renting it from Netflix, borrowing from my public library & friends, getting other people to buy me anime with their own money. I rarely buy anime myself with my own money.

I only watch anime english dubbed and never watch anime fansubbed, officially subbed, or RAW for the following 4 reasons:

1.) I don't understand the Japanese language at all, nor will I ever try to attempt to learn it.

2.) I hate reading subtitles, they're annoying and are in the way. Plus they always distract me, causing me to have to rewind all of the time.

3.) I prefer to listen to shows in my language, which is English.

4.) I am very patient, therefore I can deal with waiting for anime to be slowly dubbed and released in the U.S.

I only download full-length anime episodes/movies/OVAs/specials etc for free using MegaUpload, torrents, and IRC.

I hope to make some friends and have a great time here .

If you want to know more about me, feel free to leave me questions to answer here in this thread.