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    Default Services Changes

    We have discussed and voted on some new changes on Rizon that we hope will improve things for our users. They are as follows:

    1. We have decided to increase the time it takes for a nickname to expire from 30 days to 90 days. The main reason for this is to solve when people go on vacations and lose their nicknames or simply don't come on Rizon for a month to find out their nickname is gone.

    2. We are changing the default channel access system to xop. Users can still change their rooms to access levels rather than aop/sop just like before but new channels will by default be set to aop/sop as it tends to be easier for newer users.

    3. Due to the increase in expire times on nicknames we will be lowering the amount of nicknames allowed in a group from 20 nicks to 10 nicknames. We feel a user does not need to have 20 nicknames. *

    *Nicknames that already have over 10 grouped nicks will not lose the extras they will simply not be able to register additional ones.

    4. /msg nickserv drop command has an added code/confirmation system to prevent accidental dropping of nicks.

    5. Channels will no longer have their last used time updated by the /msg chanserv info command.

    Thank You.
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