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    Default - An cool chat channel

    Hey Rizon guys ,

    Come to this channel.

    Its very cool.

    Its official owned by : Maldini

    And the other owners: lol538 , dsboy

    And the other other owners: Tearsofblood- Miss Karim Tunder

    Admins: lots

    Ops : searching

    Halfops : searching

    Bots: More xD ( now we have 6 ) get it higher

    Join it at then /join

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    Hello im the owner of #DSOrganize the English original counterpart of this channel and would just like to say that i whole hardly endorse this as an official sister channel of ours. I have noticed we do get a lot of users in my channel that speak deutsche and are from the Netherlands region. So if you are looking for an alternate channel to mine and have a hard time speaking English then this is the perfect channel for you with many friendly Netherlands users.

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