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    As the name of the channel may imply, it is for the old school game of Mafia, played over IRC. MafBot has come a long way since its first version back in 2004. For those of you who don't know, Mafia, also called Werewolf, is a Role Playing Game, in which teams of players play against each other to survive, thus winning the game.

    The rules of the game are simple, be the last team standing and you win. Role are given out completely at random, and cannot be changed until the next game. At the start of each game the bot, MafBot, will PM (message a user via query) each person with his/her role, which determine the teams. If the bot does not PM a certain user, then he/she is a civilian. At any point during the game a player may use the !role command in PM to see his/her role. There are two main teams: the good (civilian) and the bad (mafia) with several neutral roles like the killer and the hacker, and when the game gets enough players there is also the druggie side, which consists of the druglord who builds his team as the game progresses.

    There are four stages in the game and they are the registration, night, day, and voting. The registration lasts two minutes and twenty seconds and this is when users can choose to participate in the upcoming game. The night is when everybody with an active role gets to make his/her move by choosing his/her action and target, such as Kill Player. The night ends as soon as every role has made a move, or after roughly three mintues since it has begun. The day reveals all of the moves, takes out the dead players, and hands out the rewards for all of the night's actions. The voting process is when the players decide whether they want to hang one of the players or to begin the next night. If a player is chosen an additional voting phase will start to allow the players to either hang the chosen player or let him/her go. If hung, the player dies and is taken out of the game. After the voting phase ends it goes back to night. After each individual phase the bot checks to see if there's a winning team, if so then it ends the game, otherwise it goes to the next phase.

    The teams are fairly easy to figure out, and once all of the opposing teams are taking out, there's a winner. The teams are broken down as followed:
    Civilians: The Detective, Doctor, Homeless Bum, Schizophrenic, and Civilians.
    Mafia: Mafia (member), Snitch, Lawyer, and Agent.
    Druggie: The Drug Lord, Abused Hippy, Crackhead
    Neutral: The Killer, prostitute, Hacker, and Hitman

    The bot keeps stats of virtual everything done, from how many games a player has played to the number victories, from how many lines/words/characters person has said to how many times he/she has been killed. Money is also reward for hanging a person, surviving, and making a move during the night; however, if a player kills/hang a member of the team then that person will lose money. The command to check general stats is either !won to check your own, !won nick nick to check that person's stats, or !won number to check the specified user on the high scores list. The general stats reply from the bot looks something like: <MafBot> Statistics Sky: current money amount: 29319 , total money amount: 30583 , place: 18, games played: 383, games won: 104, win average: 0.272, rating: 45.659 Bought levels: 2 Earned levels: 26. Bought levels currently don't do anything at the moment, a function for the will be added, while earned levels are awarded for winning a game and are there simply for show.

    The bot itself is currently on a total of four different networks, with Rizon being its official and biggest network. SwiftIRC holds the second biggest rank, and currently is the most active MafBot playing network. The bot itself is constantly being updated with different addons and additions, as well as bug fixes and removing random glitches. For those of you who may wonder, here are some of the current end-game records and stats: <MafBot> Game stats: game count - 6611, longest game - 1 hour 16 minutes 12 seconds, shortest game - 2 minutes 20 seconds, average game - 11 minutes 43 seconds, highest number of nights - 10, average number of nights - 2.16, highest number of players - 31, highest productivity - 3952$, lowest productivity - -199$, average productivity - 779.6$

    The currently channel status shares two owners, Doritos who is the bot owner, and Danty who is the site owner. One currently only admin being Sky, and one op being Stewie. There are also four halfops who are Panda200x, Earthquake, Raya, and Anti-Tcb. At the moment there is need for more Rizon staff, otherwise an active well organized team. Because the game is played on four different networks simulatneously, if a user speaks the bot will relay it to all of the channels with the user's nick, and suffixed with [xx], where xx are the first two letters of that user's network, indicating where he/she is speaking from. This does not relay any actions or commands, however. Both options can be disabled by any staff member for any reason. To relay messages from the team channel, use !say text, anything else will not be sent.

    Knowing the general commands for the bot is fairly important, and even though the bot often shows what they are, it could still prove to be confusing. Arguably the two most important commands are the registering and identifying a nick. You register your username by PMing the (/msg MafBot) !regme password. To identify for your currently nick PM the bot with !id password, or !identify nickpassword if you want to identify for a different nick. To register into the game you must be already identified and the registration must be in process, if both are true then you may use the !reg command either in PM or the game channel. To be taken out of the game you may use !killme, or if the game has not started yet then !unreg. One of the most confusing commands are during the night to make a move. If you are say the killer and you wish to kill another player, the command !Kill Player Option-Phrase must be used in PM. The phrase can be almost as long as you would like it to be. The bot will give a list of players and their number for easier access to them, so you may also use !Kill 4, as an example to make things simpler. During the voting process of the game, if you wish to hang somebody, then use !Player or !Number, much like for the night's commands. If you wish to not hang anyone and go to night, then !!Night is the command for you. At the second phase of the voting, the !yes and !no commands are used.

    If you have forgotten your password, any op could change it for you. If you would like to change your password for any reason, at any time you may use the !Setpass Your-Nick New-Password command while you are identified. A very important command is !Team in the bot's PM to see the list of your teammates if you can't scroll up or you if you have closed the query window. The !inviteme command goes hand-to-hand with the previous command listed, and it invites you to your team's channel, granted that you have had one since the beginning of the game.

    MafBot also has various themes and color schemes to bring more fun to the game. If a certain theme is set then either the default colors will be changed, the names of the roles, or both. Currently along with the default scheme there are also the Pokemon and Christmas themes, with some being worked right now.

    The bot forum is located at, and a very handy, though slightly inaccurate guide can be found here. A list of often forgotten and overlooked commands is here, meanwhile a breakdown of all of the themes can be found here.
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