Hi all,

#help directed me here to suggest a bantype 4. The current types are as follows:
0: ban in the form *!user@host
1: ban in the form *!*user@host
2: ban in the form *!*@host
3: ban in the form *!*user@*.domain
Type 3 solves the issue of dynamic IP hosts which expose a hostmask of IP.City.Area.ISP.TLD or similar, but is easily evaded simply by changing the username. Type 2 solves the problem of client-changeable fields like user and nick, but does not address dynamic IP as type 3 does.

Type 2 and 3 are both great security tools, however they address different issues and I feel a merged type 4 would be very helpful. I propose a mode which bans *!*@*.domain. This will maintain a ban irrespective of both dynamic IP hosts and also client changes such as username.

Here is a hypothetical example of the result of these bantypes:
Type 2: ChanServ set a ban on *!*@pool-70-110-176-46.phil.east.verizon.net.
Type 3: ChanServ set a ban on *!*Tab@*.phil.east.verizon.net.
Type 4: ChanServ set a ban on *!*@*.phil.east.verizon.net.
All but type 4 are easily evaded in this case.

While many will point out that this type bans large swaths of users, I suggest this mode only for the truly paranoid channels. Type 3 has this downside already for users on a default username.