There are several things that you, as the founder, have control over after registering a channel. You can customize it and make it unique by messing around with the options, which can all be set through:

/msg ChanServ set #channel option parameters

This post is here to give you a basic idea of the most commonly used options.


/msg ChanServ set #channel successor nick

By using this option, you can set someone as a successor to your channel, which means that him/her will become the new founder of the channel once your nick expires, or is dropped while the channel is still registered. Obviously, the nick entered into the command must be a registered one.


/msg ChanServ set #channel PASSWORD password

This command is used to change the channel password used to identify as the founder of the channel.

Description (Desc)

/msg ChanServ set #channel DESC description

This command is used to change the channel description that shows up with the info command.

Entry Message (Entrymsg)

/msg ChanServ set #channel entrymsg message here

This command sets the message which will be sent via /notice to every user entering the channel. If you'd like to delete the current entry message, enter the command without the parameter.


/msg ChanServ set #channel secureops On|Off

This command enables or disables the secure ops option for your channel. When it's set, users who are not on the userlist will not be allowed chanop status.


/msg ChanServ set #channel SecureFounder On|Off

This command enables or disables the secure founder option for your channel. When secure founder is set, only the real founder will be able to drop the channel, change its password, its founder and its successor, and not those who are simply identified with ChanServ. This option is enabled by default when a channel is registered.


/msg ChanServ set #channel signkick On/Level/Off

This enables or disables signed kicks for a channel. When it's set, kicks issued via ChanServ will have the nick of the user that used the command, in the kick's reason.

If you use Level, those who have a level that is superior or equal the the signkick level on the channel won't have their kicks signed.


/msg ChanServ set #channel topiclock On|Off

This enables or disables the topic lock option for a channel. When it's set, ChanServ will not allow the channel topic to be changed except via the TOPIC command.

Founder {Warning!}

Think twice before using this command. It is used to set a new founder to the channel, and thus, you lose all ownership once you give it away to someone else. Keep in mind that once you transfer the ownership, it is NOT your channel anymore. With that said, the command is:

/msg ChanServ set #channel founder nick