Hey guys!

I figured since I was here posting some questions about Rizon I would let you know about a game that I play that uses Rizon to chat!

Its called erepublik http://www.erepublik.com/en/referrer/Coda

Its a game where you can create a person and train, work, eat, everyday and become a congressmen, minister, President (of a nation), or even a militarist or someone who is a mercenary who fights for Cash.

Either way its really fun if you like strategy games. My character is located Canada because thats where I am from, but they are always adding new countries so there are a bunch of places on the map where you can live.

Its really neat because nations can invade other nations, and economics matter etc. Such as when I first joined Canada was under attack from the United States but now we're friends in the game and we're currently both under attack by Hungary!

Anyways check it out and see if you like it, if you like it you can message me in game my name is Coda (I should be the first on the search list heh heh).