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Thread: Rizon Internets bot

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    Default Rizon Internets bot

    Yes it is that time already. Time for a new bot to be released on Rizon. This one has many features to add to Rizon as well.

    First How to get the bot in your room (this command must be done by the founder of the room).

    -FunServ- Bot that searches sites: Google, Bash, Qdb, UrbanDictionary, and FML
    -FunServ- /msg FunServ request Internets <channel>
    -FunServ- /msg FunServ remove Internets <channel>

    If you are new to FunServ it does have other bots as well, check out:

    /msg Funserv help

    Internets Features

    Search google for something.

    1. .google <what to search for>

    [Jason] .google Rizon IRC
    [Internets] Welcome to Rizon :: @ || LAUNCH Rizon IRC - Welcome to Rizon :: @ || Rizon - IRC Network - @ || #pancakes - Rizon - IRC Directory - @

    Display a random quote from .

    2. .bash random

    [Jason] .bash random
    [Internets] [15798] <EnemyFC> can you feel the love i'm excreting from my pores?
    [Internets] [15798] <Cobra> I'm just glad you aren't excreting it from other places o_O

    Search bash for certain quotes.

    3. .bash search <what to search for>

    [Jason] .bash search rizon
    [Internets] Bash quotes found matching "rizon":
    [Internets] 572509 257863 38382 77265 34310 18406 8009 31291 2183 22827 40125 2351 36914 40526 22003 144842

    Display a specific quote from .

    4. .bash <number>

    [Jason] .bash 257863
    [Internets] [257863] <x-horizon> I was reading a magazine at work while my boss came to my office and asked me why I am not working...
    [Internets] [257863] <x-horizon> I said "I didn't see you coming, sir"

    Display a random quote from .

    5. .qdb random

    [Jason] .qdb random
    [Internets] [6176] <Hostile> when i woke up i found pictures of Salma Hayek, A turkish guy's
    [Internets] [6176] page and my flip flop in my scanner

    Search for a specific quote on .

    6. .qdb search <what to search for>

    [Jason] .qdb search rizon
    [Internets] QDB quotes found matching "rizon":
    [Internets] 38918 2183 19478 30588 2351 8009 42967 18406 46479 48577 46537 50021 32952 71255

    Display a specific quote from .

    7. .qdb <number to display>

    [Jason] .qdb 19478
    [Internets] [19478] * Straylight hate hate HATES Verizon ads
    [Internets] [19478] <+Straylight> CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?
    Internets] [19478] <+Straylight> SCREW YOU THEN

    Search for a word on .

    8. .urban <word to define>

    [Jason] .urban jason
    [Internets] [1/7] the only name that can be spelled through 5 months of the year.; J - July; A - August; S- September; O - October; N - November; Jason is a very unique name

    For words with mulitple definitions, allows you to show the other definitions.

    9. .urban <number> <word to define>

    [Jason] .urban 4 jason
    [Internets] [4/7] Leader of the Argonauts; Legendary Hero associated with Greek Mythology; Same level as Hercules, Ulysses, and Achilles; Smart, Sexy, Very Handsome person; often RF Engineer by day and gigaloo by night. Admired and idolized by many.; I wish I could be like Jason.; Jason is my American Idol.; You are so Jason I'm jealous!

    Display a random quote from .

    10. .fml random

    [Jason] .fml random
    [Internets] [1313726] Today, I had to go visit my grandma. While in her bathroom, the floss I was using cut my gum, I then proceded to make sounds of slight pain. My grandma was, at the same moment, walking by and said "Don't masturbate in side of my bathroom you sick teen!" Now my grandma thinks I am a sexual pervert. FML

    Display a random specific from .

    11. .fml <number>

    [&Golden|Wolf] .fml 3826223
    [Internets] [3826223] Today, I was getting a haircut. I had my foils in for about 10 minutes when the fire alarm went off. The building then started to fill with smoke and we evacuated. While outside watching the fire being put out, I forgot about my foils. I now have bright bleached yellow and orange hair. FML

    Show weather for a certain city or zip code.

    12. .weather <zip or city>

    [Jason] .weather 90210
    [Internets] Weather for Beverly Hills, CA 90210: Current: 78°F, Clear, Wind: SE at 0 mph, Humidity: 50%

    [Jason] .weather panama city, fl
    [Internets] Weather for Panama City, FL: Current: 91°F, Cloudy, Wind: W at 1 mph, Humidity: 59%

    Translate text from one language to another

    13. .translate <starting language|ending language> <what to translate>

    [Jason] .translate en|es What is your name?
    [Internets] [en|es] -> ¿Cómo te llamas?

    [Jason] .translate es|en What is your name?
    [Internets] [es|en] -> What is your name?

    List of languages supported.

    sq Albanian
    ar Arabic
    bg Bulgarian
    ca Catalan
    zh-CN Chinese
    hr Croatian
    cs Czech
    da Danish
    nl Dutch
    en English
    et Estonian
    tl Filipino
    fi Finnish
    fr French
    gl Galician
    de German
    el Greek
    iw Hebrew
    hi Hindi
    hu Hungarian
    id Indonesian
    it Italian
    ja Japanese
    ko Korean
    lv Latvian
    lt Lithuanian
    mt Maltese
    no Norwegian
    fa Persian ALPHA
    pl Polish
    pt Portuguese
    ro Romanian
    ru Russian
    sr Serbian
    sk Slovak
    sl Slovenian
    es Spanish
    sv Swedish
    th Thai
    tr Turkish
    uk Ukrainian
    vi Vietnamese

    [Jason] .help internets
    -Internets- Sites: .google <search> - returns top matches from google.
    -Internets- -
    -Internets- Sites: .bash random - returns random bash quote.
    -Internets- Sites: .bash search <search words> - returns bash quote numbers matching given search term.
    -Internets- Sites: .bash <number> - returns bash quote matching given number.
    -Internets- -
    -Internets- Sites: .qdb random - returns random qdb quote.
    -Internets- Sites: .qdb search <search words> - returns qdb quote numbers matching given search term.
    -Internets- Sites: .qdb <number> - returns qdb quote matching given number.
    -Internets- -
    -Internets- Sites: .urban <word> - returns urban dictionaries definition if one exists for given word.
    -Internets- Sites: .urban [number] <word> - returns urban dictionaries [number] definition if it exists for given word.
    -Internets- -
    -Internets- Sites: .fml random - returns random fml quote.
    -Internets- Sites: .fml <number> - returns fml quote matching given number.
    -Internets- -
    -Internets- Sites: .weather <city, state|zip code|postal code> - returns current condition for given location, if found.
    Rizon CEO

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    Looks awesome.

    Is there any way you can have the funserv bots "identified" so that I can auto halfop them?

    Thanks for the great services! Still hoping to see a PollBot though.

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    What language is it written in?

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    Lustra: Java.


    Make .bash, .qdb, and .fml spit out random quotes without having to put 'random' every time.

    Make .w work for .weather just like .g works for .google and .t works for .translate.

    Make .w/.weather remember the last query of each user so she or he can use .w without having to specify the location in the future (unless it's a different one obviously).

    Make .t/.translate part of .help internets and /fs help.

    Make .help internets tell which sites those 'qdb' and 'fml' etc. quotes are from.

    Make .w/.weather show the temperature in Celsius as well.

    Add a prefix to Google results to prevent any possible way of exploitation through that.
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    Default thx

    preciate ya Jason and tiger, love the bot!!! even though i found out about it before the public release and added it to my channel
    yourname / blake
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    One small bug I can see, is that it appears that it doesn't leave the channel if the channel is dropped from ChanServ, whereas all the other bots do. I just contacted services to get back into a channel which I'd dropped while I wasn't in it, but had left at invite only. I'd assumed that the bots would leave, cycling the channel. When I got back in, the only bot still there was Internets.

    It could be that I did something stupid and I didn't realise, but you might want to check.

    But apart from that, I love the bot.

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    Please add C to the weather results, most of the world runs on that.

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    I agree, stupid F..
    Golden|Wolf Seraphim

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    Sweet bot.... i'll check it out.

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    It would be nice if there was a way to blacklist certain things from being looked up, like really long bash quotes or retardedly long UD definitions.
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