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    Default Enable +T Usermode

    In the default Unreal IRCd config, the T usermode to block all inbound CTCP messages alone is enabled. Unfortunately, on Rizon it is disabled, and the closest thing is the +g or +G usermodes which filters out not only CTCP, but any messages you have not accepted or from people not in the same channels.

    That's nice, but it's a nag for people you DO want to chat with, and once you accept someone, they're free to CTCP you anyways.

    Go ahead and scoff, but blocking CTCP does have it's good purposes. For one, there's no really good reason to even HAVE CTCP enabled, but beyond that, by hiding your version number you're increasing your security.

    Say I'm down on a cruise for two weeks with no internet access, and during that time, Mozilla released Firefox 3.5.2 which covers a MAJOR security flaw that allows privileged remote command execution, but I use Chatzilla for my IRC client. If someone CTCP Version's me, they could see that I'm using the outdated version of Firefox, haven't updated yet, and could then direct me to a malicious site which is designed to exploit that particular flaw.

    In this example, it's not my fault that I don't have the newest version, as I *just* got back from no-internet for two weeks, and this person decided to be a total skiddie and use some milw0rm script to turn my computer into his latest bot zombie. Ten hours later, I'm back up and running, completely clean after three sweeps with Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware and God knows what other steps I've had to take, but the point is, all of that could have been avoided by just simply enabling the +T usermode.

    Believe it or not, Unreal did know what they were doing when they enabled it to be available by default, and in my opinion, it should be made default, just as +x is default on most IRC servers today.

    End of Rant.
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