Hey there .
Im going to explain you how to listen to ANY internet radio on your DSorganize.

You need:
-A internet connection ( W-Lan )
-A favourite Internet Radio
-A Pc with a internet connection to download DSorganize

1. Download and install Dsorganize on your flashcard
2. Go to your favourite Radio website.
3. As example we choose www.hard.fm
4. Go to and and on the right there is a topic called ''tuneIN''
5. Download the Itunes 128 kbits
6. That must be a .pls file
7. Put it on your ROOT folder on your flashcard.
8. Start up Dsorganize.
9. Start ''Browser''
10. Search the xxx.pls file and open it.
11. Let it connect and have fun.

Your P-Kito