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Thread: Rizon BNC FAQ.

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    Default Rizon BNC FAQ.


    Q: What is a "BNC"?
    A: BNC is an IRC Bouncer that stays connected 24/7 on IRC, and has the ability to store messages while you are offline. See for more info.

    Q: Is this free? Do I have to pay for it?
    A: No, you do not have to pay for it. Rizon offers this service for FREE.

    Q: What are the requirements for an application?
    A: You need to have a registered nick for at least 7 days.

    Q: Can I have a bouncer even if I don't connect to it at all?
    A: No, bouncers that are inactive for more than 2 weeks will be deleted.

    Q: Can I have your bouncer connect on another network/server?
    A: No, we provide this service for Rizon ONLY.

    Q: How do I use it/connect to it?
    A: Instead of connecting on the IRC network, you'll have to connect to the server that has the bouncer installed on a certain port.
    For example, connecting to on port 1234 without SSL with username "user1" and password "secretpass", you'll do something like this
    "/server 1234 user1:secretpass" (That stands for mIRC at least, other clients may have /server replaced with something else.).
    Note1: if you wish to use SSL, use port 12345.
    Note2: If you have been assigned to EU server, then use instead.

    Q: How can I read/disable/enable the away message logger?
    A: See "/msg *away help". Yes, use the *.

    Q: Can I see what has been said in a channel while I was not connected?
    A: Yes, you only have to set a buffer for playback for each channel. "/msg *status setbuffer #channel 100", that commands make the BNC display you the last 100 messages on the channel upon connect.

    Q: How can I request a bouncer account?
    A: Join #RizonBNC and do "/msg RizonBNC request [EU/US]". If you get an error, follow the instructions that the error message gives you. If not, you will have to wait for the BNC to be activated. Once this has been completed you will receive a memo from MemoServ. Follow the instructions in the memo to connect to your BNC. (To check your memos, "/ms read last")
    Note: Choose either EU or US, whichever is best for you, or leave it blank for automatic assignment.

    Q: I need help with my BNC!
    A: Join #RizonBNC, ask and wait until someone responds.

    Q: My BNC was previously approved but it's rejected because of inactivity. How do I get it back?
    A: Ask one of the ops to re-approve your BNC. It is at their discretion whether to re-enable your BNC or not.

    Q: How to change my account settings?
    A: or you can do it through /znc help to view your available options.
    Note: Use the EU server mentioned above if you are assigned on EU one.

    Q: I forgot my account password or didn't receive my info at all.
    A: "/msg RizonBNC changepass desired_pass_here" and then connect using your normal username and new pass to the server you were assigned to.
    Note: In order to change password, you must be logged into your nick and to have joined #rizonbnc. Username and password are case-sensitive.

    Q: My nick is being used by the BNC, and I forgot the info to login on it! I can't change my password with RizonBNC bot because my nick is not registered!
    A: You can simply group your nick with your main one, and use the changepass command. To group use "/msg NickServ group main_nick password"

    Q: I don't want to be on the E.U. server, I want to use the U.S. one!
    A: No moving.

    1. Do not advertise channels, flood or spam, doing so will result in removal of your BNC.
    2. Do not use /amsg or /ame (messages all channels), we don't want to see your messages.
    3. Normal network rules apply (/motd in your IRC client to view them). Breaking them will result in removal of your BNC and possibly other repercussions.
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