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    hello , hmm sir rizon I got a short question, straight to the point, my ISP is smartbro or what they called Smartbroadband, now i usually have a problem with my IP, it is blacklisted so when I play the game Blackout-RO, can't use the !chat, !market,and can't login in IRC.I ask the GM's in Blackout-RO they say it's not on there control thats why Im here to ask help on you. You got the control why my IP is banned. Its banned/IP blacklisted for no reason @ all. If you reply about something I violate some rules, my answer is No, I didn't, because my connection is fresh just starting.

    I wish you can help me, Thanks and God Bless ^^_

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    Hi markito12346,

    you should've posted this in the Help section as described on, but either way try connecting again now.

    If you're still having trouble then please do as described in the thread I linked you to.

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