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    Default mIRC Colors

    Hello, readers.

    I'm sure you're wondering about the title, right?

    Well it's kinda hard to explain, but in a sense, this script "fixes" the colors of the chat, giving it some color to contrast the black & white look of it.

    An example is needed, it seems:

    ^Random little slice of a chat

    In short, ^That^ is what this script does.


    This script is to be used with the mIRC client, currently working with version 6.35

    In mIRC, press the key combination of Alt and R at the same time, opening the Remotes Script Editor/Browser.

    File -> New and paste the script in there, click Ok after pasting it(You can save it if you wish)

    aaaaaand enjoy your new colorful mIRC. If you dislike the colors, you can always edit the color numbers in the script itself to show in the channel.

    on ^*:text:**:*:{
      if ($nick isop $chan) { 
        echo $chan $timestamp < $+ 4@ $+ $nick $+  $+ > $1- 
      elseif ($nick ishop $chan) { 
        echo $chan $timestamp < $+ 7% $+ $nick $+  $+ > $1- 
      elseif ($nick isvoice $chan) { 
        echo $chan $timestamp < $+ 2+ $+ $nick $+  $+ > $1- 
      else {
        echo $iif($chan,$chan,$nick) $timestamp $iif($chan,<,10<) $+ 10 $+ $nick $+  $+ $iif($chan,>,10>) $1- 
    on ^*:Action:*:*:{
      echo $iif($chan,$chan,$nick) 6 $+ $timestamp * $nick $1- 
    on *:Input:#:{
      if (/ != $left($1,1)) {
        .msg $iif($chan,$chan,$nick) $1-
        if ($me isop $chan) {
          echo $chan $timestamp < $+ 4@ $+ $me $+  $+ > $1-
        elseif ($me ishop $chan) {
          echo $chan $timestamp < $+ 7% $+ $me $+  $+ > $1-
        elseif ($me isvoice $chan) {
          echo $chan $timestamp < $+ 2+ $+ $me $+  $+ > $1-
        else {
          echo $iif($chan,$chan,$nick) $timestamp $iif($chan,<,10<) $+ 10 $+ $me $+  $+ $iif($chan,>,10) $1-
    Disclaimer: I did not make this script, however I am modifying it in my free time to fix the Userlevel issue*.

    *: It seems to group all the Ops together into "@", even when there's "@", "&", and "~" in the channel. Havent gotten around to fixing it yet.

    Note: You may want to disable Timestamp logging if it is currently enabled, as it will end up logging the timestamps twice due to this script.

    Anyhow, have fun with your new script.

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    Make use of /echo's -t, -m, -i, and -l switches to get rid of $timestamp and to make mIRC handle and display them more like its default text.

    Make use of $nick()'s pnick property to save many lines and all the separate is* checks and echoes.

    On input, don't only make sure that the text doesn't begin with a / command prefix but also have it make an exception if $ctrlenter or $inpaste is true. And why would you check for $chan if the event is only triggered on channels the way it is right now anyway?

    And most importantly, why not use mIRC's 'Nick Colors' option and apply the settings to 'Message and Listbox' or 'Message' only?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zericho View Post

    Last edited by Holz; 08-26-2009 at 08:54 AM.

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    check this out, does pretty much the same, all you gotta do is typ it in your chatbar...

    //while ($cnick(0)) .cnick -r 1 | tokenize 46 * 4 ~&@.* 7 % .* 13 +.* 9.on | .cnick $*

    where the the 4 refers to the color for the ops/admins/owners, the 7 for halfops, the 13 for voice, and 9 for regulair
    you can change those if you want

    EDIT: i see, this is 1 year old good forum it is :S

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