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Thread: Introducing myself to get an invitation to the Avistaz site

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    Wink Introducing myself to get an invitation to the Avistaz site

    My name is Rui and im from Portugal. Since maybe some 10 years ago that i follow Cannes and Venice Film Festivals awarded movies that im using to watch movies from asian directors like Kim Ki Duk, Chen Kaige, Wong Kar Wai, Akira Kurosawa, and so on...and even some from western asia like Iran, Lebanon and Turkey
    I specially like In the mood for love, from Wong Kar Wai, and Seven samurai from Akira Kurosawa. I usually download many asian movies. I was searching specifically for a cannes film festival awarded movie called Bashing (2005) that i only found on the Avistaz site. Can anyone help me with an invitation so that i can register to the site?
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    You'll have to ask in their channel (#avistaz) on IRC.
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    Default Hello...I lost my sign in credentials..

    Hello my name is Roderick bell; i have an account at avistaz, but I lost my sign in credentials when avistaz had a problem earlier this summer/spring where you were required to change our login creds; I had been signed in, but had to recently change my email and scrub my system. My old email was and my new one is Is it possible to send my info there; my old handle was dragonhead666.

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