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    Default Group recommendations

    I know a great deal of groups use Rizon to host channels for their groups. I unfortunately lost my favourites list so I can't remember where I used to visit, but I know #eclipse has done great work on various series, and #DCTP has great stuff for Detective Conan.

    Anyone else know some good ones? I think probably Chihiro and others... I know a lot of channels go inactive but the groups who keep working are really populated I've found.

    I guess going through animu folder to check and see groups since they usually list the IRC on their info on opening credits.

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    If you're looking for fansubbing channels with a lot of people in it, you could try looking through /list. The command will give you a list of non-secret channels on the network in decreasing order of population.

    And like you said, it may be a good idea to go through your folder to check whether the group added their IRC channel on their releases. I'm a fansubber myself, and if you know the group's name but you're having difficulty finding their IRC channel, you can ask me on here or via IRC. I'll see if I can help you (but I can't guarantee anything!).

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