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Thread: Sooooo, some ideas etc ;)

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    The football is a very good idea because should put that up before the season starts on September 7th and have everyone guess before that day on who they think will win the Superbowl and even do a vote during half season. Just a little random guessing to see who can predict the future without reading the tarro cards.. if i spelt that correctly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holz View Post
    What? Forum sections for anime, tv shows, movies, hobbies, games, politics, music, and sports?
    Are you kidding?
    How many posts and users do you expect on the forums who are here to talk about stuff and not just to get unklined?
    This general section is enough for all things mentioned above and all other general topics.
    Having such event channels for big sports event et cetera definitively is always nice, though.
    Having such sections would be a waster right now, yes. But I do believe this might be a good idea later on depending how fast our member amount will increase.

    For now I support you and tell people to just make new threads in the General section.

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    You're all pitching your hopes too high, I mean users come here to complain, find some help, or get unklined, not to chitchat about politics or music. ._.

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    Good ideas, But lame Header Just look at the Detail. hold it,
    It doesn't have any hahhah.

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    i vote for the NFL idea

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