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Thread: How to Register my Channel

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    Default How to Register my Channel

    In order to use the advanced features of ChanServ, HostServ or MemoServ, you MUST have identified to a nick you have registered.

    Step1: Registering your nickname:

    /msg nickserv register password valid@email.address

    It is recommended that your password is at least eight characters and contains a mix of letters and numbers. Regular words, like those found in a dictionary, will not be accepted.

    We do block some e-mail providers, and the list changes as we find out about a new service that blocks our e-mails. For a gauranteed success in registering your nick, use Gmail.

    More details, like common errors, can be found here.

    Step2: Registering your channel:

    There are a few conditions that must be met in order to register a channel:
    -You will need a registered nickname. (see step1)
    -You must have operator status or above (@,&,~) on the channel.
    --You will recieve an @ automatically when you join an empty, unregistered channel.
    NOTE:: If there are idlers in the channel, and the channel is not registered, you may drop by #services for assistance; however, this is only in the case where none of the idlers have operator status.
    -The channel may not be registered already. To check if the channel is registered or not you can use the info command: /msg chanserv info #channel
    If these conditions are met, you will be able to register your channel using:

    /msg chanserv register #channel password description

    The channel password is used to identify you as the channels owner, and is much like the nickserv password in terms of how it is used to identify to a channel (It is different from a channel key). However, as you are the original founder you will be automatically identified to chanserv for all channels you have registered when you identify to nickserv. If you would like to share the founder level control of the channel with a friend, and make sure you're absolutely sure about doing so, you may give them the channel password as well.

    This is a description of your channels purpose, it is not the same as a channel topic. This will be seen when someone uses the info command for your channel (as shown above) and can be changed at any later date.

    You followed the commands above and successfully registered your channel, but what's next? Take a look at this post to see what else you can do with it.
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