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    Default The FLAGS System

    So, what's this new FLAGS system? It's a custom, individual form of access that allows you to grant specific permissions to people. The original idea was taken from Atheme services, which uses flags and XOP together to provide a powerful and advanced system. Because this is a module integrated into Anope services, XOP is not integrated into flags, but flags are still quite powerful on their own. nick!user@hosts are not accepted into flags; you need to input a registered nick. You can view the regular help for flags by typing /msg ChanServ help flags.

    Because the new services integrate ChanServ into fantasy, /msg ChanServ command #channel [parameters] would become .command parameters when inputted into the channel with a BotServ bot.

    Please note this means of access is for advanced users. If you do not know what you are doing then please use XOP/Access. Please read through this FAQ carefully before asking #Help your questions. If you see any bugs please report them to #Services.


    Q: How do you get started with flags?
    A: /msg ChanServ set #channel accesstype flags

    Q: Will my channel settings be preserved?
    A: Some will, some won't. "Switching between access list types (particurarly, flags to anything) will not transfer every setting. The only things that gets transfered are the ability to have admin, op, halfop, or voice."
    So if you had someone on 3 access/VOP they'd get +lvV, which allows the to view the access list, voice anyone else and autovoice on join.

    Q: What's the equivalent of VOP/HOP/AOP/SOP in flag form?
    A: VOP = VlB
    HOP = HlB
    AOP = oOhHvVirlBSG
    SOP = oOhHvVAirflBSGK

    Q: How do I view the flags list?
    A: /msg ChanServ flags #channel

    Q: I don't like flags. How do I switch back?
    A: /msg ChanServ set #channel accesstype [XOP/ACCESS]
    Note that not all settings will be preserved, but the important flags like voice, halfop, op and protect will be carried back over.

    Q: Why can't I set multiple founders like in Atheme?
    A: Because we believe that only the actual channel founder should automatically get founder access, others can still gain temporary founder access using the channel password, see /msg ChanServ help identify for more information.

    Q: I gave them +aA (autoprotect), and it still won't give them +a.
    A: It's likely that PROTECTMODE is off. To turn it on type /msg ChanServ set #channel protectmode on.

    Q: I can still view the levels list through /msg ChanServ levels #channel list, have I done anything wrong?
    A: No. It's still there so that old channel settings are preserved if you move back to access.

    Q: What's the flag equivalent to NOJOIN?
    A: You can use the flag +b to disallow users from entering. You can also use AKICK to ban hostmasks and nicks and specify a reason for the ban.

    Here's flags explained:

    Syntax: FLAGS CHANNEL [nick [flags]]

    o Allows the user to use /cs OP and DEOP.
    O Allows the user to obtain auto operator status.
    h Allows the user to use /cs HALFOP and DEHALFOP.
    H Allows the user to obtain auto halfoperator status.
    v Allows the user to use /cs VOICE and DEVOICE.
    V Allows the user to obtain auto voice status.
    a Allows the user to use /cs PROTECT and DEPROTECT.
    A Allows the user to obtain auto protect status.
    s Allows the user to use /cs SET.
    i Allows the user to use /cs INVITE.
    r Allows the user to kick and ban using /cs KICK and /cs BAN.
    R Allows the user to use /cs CLEAR.
    f Allows the user to modify the flags list.
    t Allows the user to use /cs TOPIC.
    l Allows the user to use /cs FLAGS #channel.
    b Disallows the user access to the channel and is instantly kickbanned.
    B Allows the user to use in channel commands like '.kick' and '.ban'.
    S Allows the user to use /bs SAY and ACT.
    G Allows the user to have their greet shown.
    K Allows the user to use AKICK.
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