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    I am pretty sure we can all agree this movie was VERY good. Definitely funny, I personally liked the on screen "rules" made me laugh. Once again I am going to give Woody Harrelson credit for making this a very good movie. Story was there, really didn't see any holes in the story. This is definitely a movie to see and I fully recommend it to any with and without a sense of humor. If any have doubts about the movie being scary it isn't scary the least bit, you will definitely enjoy the entire movie. For me personally this was a movie I could watch again and again. So overall I give this movie a 9 out of 10.
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    I went into this movie thinking it was going to be corny and have dumb comedy that is mostly boring after seeing the previews. I admit I was shocked and the movie turned out to be a very good movie. I was glad to see the movie and am planning to buy the dvd when I get a chance. You can still find this in some theaters so if you have not seen it yet, do it.

    Overall Jason Score: 8.8
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