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Thread: iDevice users who jailbreak

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    Default iDevice users who jailbreak

    Apple released an update awhile ago (version 3.1.3) that patches up all the holes that allow you to jailbreak your iDevice. There is a handful of channels on Rizon that have big websites for the iDevice scene and the forums are booming with people who've updated and can't jailbreak anymore.

    Has anyone with an iphone/ipod touch upgraded to 3.1.3 lately?

    Do any of you care enough to jailbreak your device?

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    Main reason I never updated my iPod Touch, enjoy it being jailbroken too much. Why I jailbroke it in the first place, didn't like all that default crap.
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    I jailbroke my ipod cause u can get apps for free on it from installlous and you can use themes but the down side is your ipod may randomly crash and if you've jailbroken it with BlackRa1n, you can't turn it off because if you do you have to run the application again

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    I keep thinking about getting an ipod touch just to jailbreak it but haven't yet.
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