Hi there, Everyone!

I am a new comer to this forum though I have been on the rizon server for some time now and recently, since this January 2010, I found that I cannot enter into irc.rizon at all, no matter which server i got into

I don't know why because I don't think I had been banned from there coz i'm a good little gal and since then, due to my over loaded homework , assignments, reports etc etc ... I have not been into irc rizon since and today I tried to enter again and still I got the message "connection timed out "

I had tried using my sister's pc to get in just now and yet, I still cannot log onto irc.rizon. I used to have this logging in problem and when i tried using another pc, I could get in. That means it's something to do with my pc, but now I cannot get in using another pc too... AM i being banned ? . I don't think so coz there is no such message about being klined either. Can someone please help me out?

Sorry, for an introduction message, I did talk a little more than I should I guess but I really do need your help. Please help me coz I love my nick there and I will be losing it soon if I don't log in within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you.