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Thread: Let the truth be known!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    Kirsty is always wrong, shes a woman. Enough said.
    And you act like one always bitching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HoofinIt View Post
    Kristy is is being mean . I am 100 % RIGHT,
    I guarantee it! Yup, it's good to be me!
    I'm tellin' your mom too! Don't be upset!
    Go fuck yourself, I'm not being mean.
    Hey, tell my mom all you want, watch her vagina doesn't swallow you up in the process though.
    By the way.. Learn to read. My name is KIRSTY, not KRISTY. Fucktard.

    And as for you Jason, You're male.. You wouldn't know the difference between right and wrong.. hence you're fucking a 12 year old.

    OH SNAP.
    Imperfections are my perfection.

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