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    Default MemoServ

    MemoServ allows you to send and receive short messages to/from other IRC users or channels,
    even when they are offline at the time they're sent a memo, they can read it as soon as they come online.

    In order to be able to send and receive memos, you need to have identified to a registered nickname.

    • SEND - Sending a memo to a nick or channel:
      Syntax: /msg memoserv send nick|#channel memo text
      Example: /msg memoserv send Peter I'm missing you!

    • CANCEL - Cancelling the last unread memo you sent to a nick or channel:
      Syntax: /msg memoserv cancel nick|#channel
      Example: /msg memoserv cancel Peter

    • LIST - Listing all or only particular memos you have or a given channel has received:
      Syntax: /msg memoserv #channel list|new
      Example: /msg memoserv list new
      Note: new lists only new (unread) memos, list 2-4 lists memos numbered 2 through 4.
      If neither new nor a list is given, all memos will be listed, unread memos are marked with a * to the left of the memo number.

    • READ - Reading particular memos you or a channel received:
      Syntax: /msg memoserv read #channel num|list|last|new
      Example: /msg memoserv read new

    • DEL - Deleting particular memos you or a channel received:
      Syntax: /msg memoserv del #channel num|list|last|all
      Example: /msg memoserv del 2

    • SET - Setting various memo options:

      • NOTIFIY - Changing when you will be notified about new memos:
        Syntax: /msg memoserv set notify on|logon|new|off
        • on: notification on logon, unsetting /away, and when they are sent to you.
        • logon: notification on logon, and unsetting /away
        • new: notification when they are sent to you
        • off: no notification at all

        Example: /msg memoserv set notify new

      • LIMIT - Setting the maximum number of memos you or the given channel can receive:
        Syntax: /msg memoserv set limit #channel limit
        Example: /msg memoserv set limit 5

        Note: You cannot set the limit any higher than 20. Setting it to 0 won't allow anyone to send you a memo.

    • INFO - Viewing your (or if given a channel's) amount of (unread) memos, the memo limit, and your notification setting:
      Syntax: /msg memoserv info #channel
      Example: /msg memoserv info

    • CHECK - Checking whether the last memo you sent to a user has been read or not:
      Syntax: /msg memoserv check nick
      Example: /msg memoserv check Peter
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