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    Default HostServ

    HostServ allows you to have custom vHosts. The commands for hostserv are:

    ON          Activates your assigned vhost
    OFF         Deactivates your assigned vhost
    GROUP       Syncs the vhost for all nicks in a group
    REQUEST     Request a vhost for your nick
    When you request your vHost, it will have to be approved by a member on the vHost team.
    To request a vHost, use the command
    /msg HostServ request vhost
    /msg HostServ request
    vHost Policy
    1. No IP vhosts.
    2. No resolving vhosts.
    3. No vhosts that mimic government organizations. (e.g. *.gov, *, MPAA, FBI, etc.) / No impersonating private organizations which have the government's balls in its pocket (MPAA, RIAA, etc.)
    4. No vhosts that contain the words forum, ircop, admin, network, or any IRCop's nick.
    5. You are only allowed to change your vhost once every seven days. Spamming the system with frequent requests will result in a ban from the vhost system.
    6. If you are caught abusing vhosts to evade bans, you will have your vhost removed, akilled from Rizon for a set period of time, and banned from using vhosts for an extended period.
    7. No racist words. *Note - What is considered racist/derogatory is subject to discretion by vhost team members
    8. No references to other networks/spamming. (e.g.,
    9. No references to "kiddy"-like activity. (e.g. dosing, rooting, "carding," etc.)

    1. vhost is the part after @, so don't submit a vhost that has a @ or it will fail.
    2. vhost requests are first processed by a bot, which checks if the requested vhost breaks any of the rules above. If your vhost keeps getting rejected and you think it is a mistake, join #services for further assistance.
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