Well, as my mind wanders, a thought occurs. Could it be possible/would it benefit the Rizon network, if there was a Bot UMode type thing. For example, after the bot sets +B on join (on unreal mind you), it will have its own umodes aside from the standard umodes. Bot umodes could be as follows, +P: only accepts PRIVMSG requests instead of chan triggers, +S: SSL connected, etc etc. CTCP flood modes, hell, I was even thinking Oper/Services modes. I don't know how services work so I dont know if this is already done for Network Service Bots, vHost, Memo, Bot, etc. Because the only way I see this benefiting Rizon/anyone is that it'd have greater control over the bots that connect and their activities. Plus it'd allow a far greater control of the Netwrok bots and Services.

I don't quite know where I'm going with this but I will explain in full detail if need be. I just hope you catch what I mean.