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    Usermodes: (* designates that the umode is oper only)

    +o - Designates this client is an IRC Operator. Use the /oper command to attain this.
    +i - Designates this client 'invisible'.
    * +w - Can see server wallops.
    * +z - Can see oper wallops.
    * +l - Can see oper locops (local wallops).
    * +s - Can see generic server messages and oper kills.
    * +c - Can see client connections and exits.
    * +u - Can see unauthorized client connections.
    * +j - Can see 'rejected' client notices.
    * +k - Can see server kill messages.
    * +f - Can see 'I-line is full' notices.
    * +y - Can see stats/links/admin requests to name a few.
    * +d - Can see server debug messages.
    * +n - Can see client nick changes.
    * +X - Can see new server introduction and split messages.
    * +b - Can see possible bot / join flood warnings.
    * +a - Is marked as a server admin in stats p/o.
    * +N - Is marked as a network administrator
    * +C - Can see extended client connections and exits.
    +p - Hides the output of channels this client is in from WHOIS to non-admins.
    +D - "deaf": don't receive channel messages
    +G - "soft caller id": block private messages from people not on any common channels with you (unless they are /accept'ed)
    +g - "caller id" mode: only allow /accept clients to message you
    +x - "cloaked": this client's hostname has been 'cloaked'.
    +r - Designates this client as having identified to its nickname.
    +R - "RegOnly": this client will only accept private messages from clients who have identified to their nickname.
    +S - Designates this client as having connected via SSL.
    +W - Designates this client as having connected via CGI:IRC.
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