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Thread: Channel dropping loophole [aka: Frozen Channel]

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    Default Channel dropping loophole [aka: Frozen Channel]

    Something I noticed about the funserv services:

    Giving a funserv bot @ in a chan gives a channel exemption from the "no users so botserv leaves" rule
    Without any op's in the chan after 15 days the channel drops.
    I found a way to keep it open indefinitely.

    The loophole:
    1) register a channel
    2) add a botserv bot
    3) add a funserv bot [stats, etc.]
    4) give the funserv bot @ ['pseudo op']
    5) set modes "+l 3" and "+k password" [keeps everyone but you out]

    A good example of this is a chan I tested it on: #frozen [key = frozen]

    This could cause problems, users could 'filibuster' channels from being used/dropped this way

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    A BotServ bot doesn't leave a channel if there are one or more clients on it,
    regardless of whether they're FunServ bots or regular user, and regardless of whether they have ops or not.

    A channel expires when it hasn't been used by anyone being on its access list for 30 (used to be 14) days,
    and FunServ bots can't be added to it because their nicks aren't registered.

    So neither idling non-access ops nor FunServ bots affect a channel's expiry in any way.

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