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    just moved into my college dorm, tried to access 4chan, then i get a message saying i was banned permanently on feb 18, 2009 for /b/ invasion.
    but i couldn't have, i moved in a few days ago! and this is a brand new laptop that i got just 2 days ago.
    the guy living here before me must have gotten himself can i resolve this?

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    By registering your nick on our network (/ns register password email)
    and then you /join #4chan
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    Sure, here are the steps to getting to the place for a 4chan ban appeal:
    1. Go to
    2. Fill in a nickname.
    3. Hit connect.
    4. Hit "Ok" when it asks you to register.
    5. Follow the instructions.
    6. Once registered, type /join #4chan in the bar on the bottom of the screen.
    7. Write that you want to appeal your ban and then discuss with the first operator or half-operator that responds. (They'll have either a @ or % to the left of their nickname, respectively.)

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