As you'll have already have guessed, I am a new member on this site! Despite what my username says, my skills in stuff like hacking / coding is really dreadful. Well, even though I'm against that stuff... I wouldn't mind seeing stuff like that in fangames

Okay, enough about that... let me tell you a little about myself. I'm:

- A person from Scotland.
- Like to play computer games (though I get bored with them after I complete it).
- Like to watch anime (ie: anime that I like).
- Enjoy reading manga (again, ones that I like).
- Am a heavy PC user so I like to browse the internet for stuff anime related
- Am currently 20 years old (though I turn 21 in 13 days 14 due to timezones).
- Am a sucker for spending money on useless stuff.
- Like to import stuff from Japan.
- is a heavy fan of K-On related stuff and wanting to import their stuff from Japan.

...Yeah, think I said quite a lot didn't I? Well, I hope I made a nice introduction thread so nice to meet ya all and see you around in the chatrooms.