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    Hi, my name is Joshua and I am a Plieadian starseed. By accessing my residual spiritual memories, I have become a very competent communicator. I am very aware of the supernatural world. I have many fairy folk friends who want desperately for me to say that they are sometimes called other words by other people. One time they told me to go to a field far out in the countryside where they visited me and took me to fairyland. They havent left my side since. Heh! I like anime and video games and am a cosplayer. I also like to dance alot. I hope to make friends who may talk to fairies, too. I know I sound a little crazy but I am just being honest.

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    It's kind of funny how fast my friends can travel from here to there and they bring me all sorts of messages from somewhere. I am glad that I am not alone! I hope we can be friends as that there are all kinds of weird things happening in fairyland between things like Andromedans, Draco Reptilians, and many others!

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    Hello and welcome to the forums.
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    thank you for the kind greeting sir

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