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Thread: Best of #help @ Rizon

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    Default Best of #help @ Rizon

    --> Anonymous_08 (cgiirc@B071E34C.74F60964.5B0165E.IP) has joined #help
    <Anonymous_08> can someone help me connect here ? :O
    <Jun-chan> you are connected.
    <Jun-chan> otherwise you wouldn't be talking here would you?
    <Anonymous_08> in-game, it keeps saying "disconnected from server" :P i tryed run a repair, but without any luck
    <Jun-chan> what's the game?
    <Anonymous_08> *when i try to log in
    <Jun-chan> this channel has nothing to do with any games.
    <-- Anonymous_08 has quit ()

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    Anon: 0
    Jun-chan: +1
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    [Help Team]

    [vhost Team]

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    <Kyouka-sama> This is rizon, not a place with smart people.

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    --> Gazaman ( has joined #help
    <Gazaman> how do i put ppl on my akick list
    <relentless> /cs akick #channel add nick
    <Gazaman> kk
    <Jun-chan> third time...
    <Gazaman> :|
    <Gazaman> no one ask u
    <Jun-chan> good, you won't have to waste my time then will you?
    <Gazaman> :'( um dont be so harsh
    <Kyouka-sama> Then stop asking the same thing every single day.
    <relentless> y u barake hiz haert
    <Kyouka-sama> Write it down.
    <relentless> You know /cs help is a good idea for poeple to use
    <relentless> It does this majical thing of telling you commands you dont know
    <Jun-chan> relentless: you don't think I've given him that several times?
    <relentless> Jun-chan, im new here :<
    <Rei_Sama> O_o
    <Rei_Sama> some people actually don't like to learn
    <relentless> Gazaman, Use /cs help or gtfo <3
    <relentless> I say this with love.
    <Gazaman> lol
    <-- Gazaman ( has left #help
    <Rei_Sama> Gazaman you keep asking questions
    <Rei_Sama> lol
    <relentless> andnotasinglefuckwasgiventhatdaycat.png
    --> Gazaman ( has joined #help
    <relentless> >jamaica
    <Gazaman> can i help ppl to :-D
    <Rei_Sama> @_@
    <relentless> get out
    <Rei_Sama> you can't even help yourself
    <relentless> :<
    <Gazaman> :'(

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    <TULeGiT> i was kicked off of #chat for ban evading....when i wasn' help!
    <Kyouka-sama> You were.
    <TULeGiT> i was not
    <TULeGiT> wut was i doing
    <Kyouka-sama> I banned you a few days ago as "legit"
    <TULeGiT> tell me wut u saw
    <DEVsin> wow
    <TULeGiT> yea this is a registered nick
    <TULeGiT> not ban-evading
    <Kyouka-sama> WHile that ban IS still in place as we speak, you rejoined the channel.
    <Kyouka-sama> That's called evading.
    <TULeGiT> im banned?
    <Kyouka-sama> <%Kyouka-sama> I banned you a few days ago as "legit"
    <Kyouka-sama> Try to keep up.
    <DEVsin> uh yah ban evade is because of you baning the wrong person
    <TULeGiT> yea
    <TULeGiT> thnks devsin
    <Kyouka-sama> I definitely didn't ban the wrong person DEVsin.
    <DEVsin> sigh.......
    <TULeGiT> sigh......
    <WickeTD> I know for a fact that he keeps logs.
    <DEVsin> ok ok this conversation is over ok lets just stop
    <TULeGiT> yes plz
    <DEVsin> tulegit leave #help ok
    <TULeGiT> kk
    --> Omake2 ( has joined #help
    * LimitServ sets channel limit to 151
    <TULeGiT> .close window
    <DEVsin> lol
    <TULeGiT> cant
    --> Mrcheesenips ( has joined #help
    <TULeGiT> non pm window
    <fiberOptiC> .kb TULeGiT
    * Security sets ban on *!*
    <-- Security has kicked TULeGiT from #help (Requested)
    <-- Omake has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
    <Alex|Out> what a nub
    <Alex|Out> arguing with IRCops.

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    [13:05:39] <adames248> realm?
    [13:05:44] <adames248> realm?
    [13:05:58] <+Jun-chan> ...
    [13:06:02] <+Jun-chan> you may want to ask in full sentences?
    [13:06:48] <adames248> realm
    [13:06:51] <adames248> pls realm
    [13:06:57] <+Jun-chan> what on earth is a realm
    [13:07:01] <+Jun-chan> and what does 'please realm' mean
    [13:07:29] <+Jun-chan> if you're talking about some sort of online game, this channel is for IRC network help.
    [13:07:51] <adames248> omg

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