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    Post Webchat Update

    qchat-ssl ( was updated to v0.90-rizon41 today. Non-ssl version will follow within 24 hours. We apologize for any inconvience this may have caused.

    * Made qchat color selection a bit brighter.
    * Added option for users to connect/SSL connection to RizonBNC.
    * Added prompts for nickserv which help new users register with Rizon.
    * Prompts allow user to identify if nick is registered.
    * Added /color [code] <msg> support. Users are now able to send colored text/bold/italics/underline.
    * <- Codes for color.
    * Added compatibility tag for IE9.
    * Updated mootools to latest version.

    What's next?

    * ChanServ prompts (Register channel prompt if channel is empty and not +z).
    * Bar for colors and support background colors.
    * Prompts for other minor things such as kick/ban/when friend joins/leaves.
    * Implement a friend list
    * Top 10 popular should be displayed before connect in a separate tab.
    * Separate selection for saturation and brightness.

    For bugs and feature requests, please visit or join #qchat
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