Hi folks, to those who are new, I`d like to welcome you to Rizons network chat channel, you guessed correctly, #chat.
We have gone thru the access list somewhat and "adjusted" some of the access of some users that for whatever reason, have become inactive.
1. Voice is given to those that on a DAILY bases, are active and courteous in the channel,
you do not have to idle in #chat to have a +.
2. Halfop or "%" is givien to those ppl (usually folks that have had a voice, but not ALWAYS the case.) that show a overall interest in the channel and have had a proven interest in it`s users as a whole.
3. keeping your access.
At times when users are given access, they will for whatever reason, stop doing what it
was that got them the access in the first place. That said, it`s understood, that life does come into play on IRC, and we all can`t be active ALL the time.
However, if it is decided, that a person just "idles" most of the time, they will forgo thier voice OR hops respectivly, until such time they "earn" it back.
This will give others who have and are active and hard working members of the channel
a chance to "move up"
4. Channel ops. Please try and monitor the other channel staff members in this regard.
5. Users and channel ops alike can feel free to /ms me anytime if you have ANY concerns
or questions.
Also, email doc@rizon.net.
Thanks, and enjoy.
After all, it is YOUR channel.