Hello ,
How are you all ??? I wish you are all so good and fine

I have a big problem

In this Site:

There is a Chat Room

When I enter it , The Java Software swithes on

after that\\

in the chat room

these sentences came out to me:

Logging in...
-irc.nuu.cc- *** Looking up your hostname...
-irc.nuu.cc- *** Checking Ident
-irc.nuu.cc- *** Your forward and reverse DNS do not match, ignoring hostname.
-irc.nuu.cc- *** No Ident response
Error : Closing Link: (Registration timed out)
Disconnected from irc.rizon.net

and after all

this happened:
Disconnected from irc.rizon.net

Why ???

What is the problem

I entered it some days before , but afew days before and today , I can't enter it why ????

What is the problem and how can i mend it ???