As sent via global last night, services were upgraded the following is a brief overview of changes implemented.

Services have been updated for a soon to be completed TS6 switchover.

Operators now have access to a FREEZE which allows nicks and channels to be "ignored" by services, making suspend and forbid (closed / ban all) a more last resort.

Added "z" channel mode support to services.
+z 'Persist'. Setting this mode will prevent a channel from being "destroyed" when the last person leaves. Ban lists and all modes/topic will be preserved regardless of the usercount. This mode must be set by services.

New Chanserv command:

[01:24] -ChanServ- Syntax: WHY channel nick
[01:24] -ChanServ-
[01:24] -ChanServ- This command is used to tell why the given nick is gaining
[01:24] -ChanServ- operator status (ops) on the given registered channel. The reply
[01:24] -ChanServ- will tell which registered nick, either in access or in the xOp
[01:24] -ChanServ- list, is allowing the nick to gain ops. This command has no
[01:24] -ChanServ- useful effect if the given nick is not gaining ops from some type
[01:24] -ChanServ- of access in the given channel.

[01:24] >chanserv< why #help mink
[01:24] -ChanServ- mink has Founder access to #help. Reason: Identification to the founder's nickname. Main nick: mink

More to come....