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    Default VIzon - the Rizon Lottery

    What is VIzon?

    The Rizon lottery game that we are introducing to mark the network's 9th anniversary next month (yes, time flies as we fly. We have been flying for 9 years now!). Colored vhosts and special prizes will be rewarded to the winners.

    Why the name VIzon?

    VI is the Roman numeral for six, representing the number of numbers drawn for the lottery. The rest should be self-explanatory.

    How does it work?

    Six numbers between 1 and 29 (both inclusive) will be drawn at each lottery. No repeating numbers. You place a bet of six numbers of your choice before the lottery, and you will win if:

    All six numbers matched - 1st prize
    Five numbers matched - 2nd prize
    Four numbers matched - 3rd prize
    Three numbers matched - Consolation prize

    How to play?

    Join the channel #VIzon and type the following command:

    /notice guuchan !bet 1st_number 2nd_number 3rd_number 4th_number 5th_number 6th_number
    So for example, if you want to place a bet of 1 2 3 4 5 6 as the six numbers:

    /notice guuchan !bet 1 2 3 4 5 6
    The numbers need not be sorted. After you type the command, you will either receive the message "Your bet of <numbers> has been placed", or "Invalid bet. Please read <link>". If you don't get any message, try "guu" instead of "guuchan"; and if you still don't get any message, then:

    • make sure you are in the channel #VIzon. Even if I'm in some other channel with you, the script will not accept any bet if you are not in #VIzon;
    • make sure you use "/notice", instead of "/msg" or typing it in the channel;
    • if you are sure you did everything right, then betting is not available at the moment. Please try again later.

    I keep getting the message "Invalid bet", what did I do wrong?

    Make sure you got the command right which should include six non-repeating numbers between 1 and 29 (both inclusive) after "!bet".

    How do I find out the time left till next drawing?

    The time of next drawing is in the channel topic. If you can't figure out the timezone difference, you can refer to this countdown timer.

    Do I need to stay in the channel after placing my bet?

    No, but you are welcome to. The drawing process will also be shown live in the channel so you are welcome to watch.

    How can I find out the drawing result?

    Result of latest drawing can be found in the channel topic. For all past results, you can find it here.

    How can I find out the bets I placed for previous drawings?

    You can check the bets you placed for the last 3 drawings by typing "/notice guuchan !check Drawing_No" (e.g. "/notice guuchan !check 060" would show you the bet you placed for VIzon No.060, provided that you did place a bet).

    What are the channel rules of #VIzon?

    The basic rules that you would expect from any channel: no spamming/flooding, no advertising, do not annoy other users, etc. There is no topic restriction but I would highly recommend you to avoid sensitive subjects.

    Who can play?

    All registered nicks. Each registered nick can only place one bet for each drawing.

    When can I bet and when will the lottery be drawn?

    You can place your bet anytime from 48 hours till 10 minutes before each drawing. The drawing time of next lottery will be announced after the drawing of current lottery, subject to change. Please refer to the channel topic of #VIzon for the most up-to-date drawing time.

    How often will drawing take place?

    Currently it is expected to take place thrice per week, but it might change later.

    What are the prizes?

    The nick that placed the winning bet will be rewarded as follows:

    Consolation prize: a custom colored vhost or one-worded (colored or non-colored) vhost of your choice for 10 days
    3rd prize: a custom colored vhost or one-worded (colored or non-colored) vhost of your choice for 30 days
    2nd prize: a custom colored vhost or one-worded (colored or non-colored) vhost of your choice for 60 days
    1st prize: a custom colored vhost or one-worded (colored or non-colored) vhost in bold of your choice for 120 days

    Please note that the colored vhost will still have to abide by the relevant rules of vhost policy.

    How do I claim my prize?

    Stay on the network or identify to your winning nick after the drawing and I will contact you via auto messaging. That applies to your other nicks as well if more than one of your nicks won. If you fail to respond to my message or NickServ shows that you have not identified to the nick for 7 days after the drawing, you will lose your entitlement to the prize.

    Can I only have one color in my prized vhost?

    No, you can have as many different colors as you wish, as long as the vhost does not long exceed 59 characters. Please note that the character limit includes color codes, dot and hyphen. Background color is not supported in vhost.

    I have no idea how color codes work.

    You can refer to the color code table here.

    You mentioned special prizes, what are they?

    During the period when you have your prized colored vhost on, a.k.a. VIzon Period ("VIP"), your prizes will be multiplied if you win again^. The formulae is:

    Number of days = current remaining days + (normal number of days you would receive from the new prize * the number of times you have won during VIP)

    ^Note: with an exception of consolation prize, which will not be multiplied, i.e. VIP will only be extended for 10 days upon winning of consolation prize no matter how many times you have won during VIP. Consolation prize will not be counted in the multiplication factor, either.

    Sounds confusing? The following example would give you a better idea:

    You won the 3rd prize and got 30 days of colored vhost. On the 15th day, you win the lottery again. This time you win the 2nd prize. Instead of receiving 60 extended days of colored vhost, you will receive 60*2=120 days because this is your 2nd time winning during VIP, so your colored vhost will be extended for 120 days on top of your remaining 15 days. Then, during the same VIP, you win the consolation prize. Your VIP will be extended for 10 days as consolation prize does not get multiplied. If say, again, you win the 1st prize before your VIP runs out, your colored vhost will be extended for 120*3=360 days (instead of *4 as consolation prize is not counted in multiplication factors), on top of your current remaining days, etc. You can also enjoy the 1st prize's privilege of having your colored vhost in bold for the rest of your VIP. Moreover, under the new grand prize scheme (see below), you will win the grand prize in this case as your total accumulated days of this VIP will be 520 (30+120+10+360).

    Grand prize: if you manage to reach 180 accumulated days or more in total during a single VIP, congratulations, your colored vhost will become permanent!

    How can I find out the total accumulated days of my current VIP?

    You can check the total accumulated days of your current VIP by typing "/notice guuchan !VIP". It will also show your current multiplication factor.

    Does that mean there is nothing further I can win on the nick if I have won the grand prize?

    Technically, no. But, we have a jackpot prize available to the first really, really lucky player. If you use the nick that won the grand prize to bet and win the 1st prize, you will get a very, very speical one-letter nick! Even the vast majority of our network staff (including myself) do not own one so make yourself special and try your luck now!

    Note: the one-letter nick is preset to be a certain letter - unfortunately you cannot choose your own. You cannot imagine the hardship I went through to just get hold of one of them.

    I heard the chance of winning 1st prize is 1 out of billions and of grand prize is trillions/etc.

    Someone got her/his math wrong. Currently the chance of winning 1st prize is 1 out of 475,020; chance of winning grand prize is nearly non-calculatable as it involves a good number of possibilities, but it is very achievable (e.g. winning 3rd prize thrice). If you do manage to come up with a formulae for calculating the chance of winning grand prize, you are more than welcome to share it with us in the channel.

    I heard the best bet is "1 2 3 4 5 6".

    Although it is true that betting "1 2 3 4 5 6" everytime will get you consolation prize from time to time (or even 3rd prize if you are lucky enough), statistically that would not last you to grand prize so personally I do not recommend you doing that. You can ask our grand prize winners in the channel to share their experiences with you.

    Can I request a change of my colored vhost during VIP?

    You can change it whenever you win again.

    I heard that every 100th drawing is special, is that true?

    Yes, there is a guaranteed 1st prize winner at every 100th drawing.

    How to get voice or halfop in #VIzon?

    Voice is given to users with an ongoing VIP while halfop is given to grand prize winners. Halfop is just a status though; users with such status are not supposed to kick/ban or give voices to other users, with the exception of kicking/banning spammers and flooders.

    1. All prizes are nick-specific; they are not transferrable, even within the same nick group.
    2. All prizes will cease if the winning nicks expire or dropped. This also applies to the grand and jackpot prizes, which means it is your responsibility to keep the winning nicks alive.
    3. We will try our best to draw the announced lottery on time, but we accept no responsibility for any delay or cancellation. All the bets for cancelled drawing will also be cancelled, while those for postponed drawing will be carried forward.
    4. Lottery is expected to take place thrice a week but subject to change; please refer to the channel topic of #VIzon for most up-to-date information.
    5. If you are caught breaking any network rule, your VIP will be terminated immediately.
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