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    Default A hopefully not as boring introduction


    When looking back at the previous threads, what do you notice? "Hello" or a variation of it in the thread title. Not gonna have that here. Never stick to what's commonly done unless it makes sense to do so; that's how I see it.

    Anyway, all the ranting aside, I suppose people might be actually curious as to who I am, and I shall grant that wish.

    Trying to keep my real name a secret (and apparently failing hard in doing so), being born in 1994, I live in Switzerland. I take democracy seriously and I never out-right refuse to listen to people's requests, provided they make sense and they're not so stubbornly annoying that I get the urge to invent a device allowing you to punch people through the Internet.

    Most of my spare time is spent on IRC actually, I've always been interested in especially the drama and management going on channel-wide as well as network-wide.

    Well, that's all there is. Feel free to contact me via PM or in any channels I'm on.

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