Hello all, I am a newbie at Rizon's IRC server, and nice to meet you all!

My name (for the real) is Wajihud, but I like and love people to call me Arion and/or Cielrion
Born on 9th August 1997, now I'm still 15 years old
I live in Sabah, Malaysia.

My hobbies,
Well, I like to play games, especially BlazBlue and one of San Andreas: Multiplayer server called "Ricardo's Funserver".
Furthermore, I like reading, listening to multimedia (musics, watching movies etc.) and staying alone at my own room

My attitudes:
Friendly and sometimes can be at bad mood (if something bad happens to me, but I'll try to be nice even when in this situation)
Shy (when with someone I love or someone praises me)

I hope I can cope with everyone. Hope to become best friends with you all!