Hey rizon.
the other day, i was chatting on rizon as i normally do, and i saw a story about unfairness toward my friend, Doc.
For those of you who dont know Doc, meet him. #Doc`s.office <-- his channel.

anyway, he is always standing up for Rizon's users. so when he disagreed with a certain root admin (rhymes with "pink"), he got fired.
i assure you this is the whole story, not a one sided bit.

i hope you see this injustice as well, and i hope you support Doc in his time of need.

to help, join #HelpDoc, our home base, and we can help our friend get his rightful place back.

Oh, and Admin-that-rhymes-with-pink, if you read this, know that i dont think you are a bad person, i just think that what you did was wrong, and i want rizon to be a friendly and fair place.

Thanks all,

-MisterKpak, find me in #8