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Thread: Injustice at the Root level

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    Unhappy Injustice at the Root level

    Hey rizon.
    the other day, i was chatting on rizon as i normally do, and i saw a story about unfairness toward my friend, Doc.
    For those of you who dont know Doc, meet him. #Doc` <-- his channel.

    anyway, he is always standing up for Rizon's users. so when he disagreed with a certain root admin (rhymes with "pink"), he got fired.
    i assure you this is the whole story, not a one sided bit.

    i hope you see this injustice as well, and i hope you support Doc in his time of need.

    to help, join #HelpDoc, our home base, and we can help our friend get his rightful place back.

    Oh, and Admin-that-rhymes-with-pink, if you read this, know that i dont think you are a bad person, i just think that what you did was wrong, and i want rizon to be a friendly and fair place.

    Thanks all,

    -MisterKpak, find me in #8

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    A strong team requires proper communication between everyone on the team. If there are issues, then they need to be resolved fast or they will just grow. mink has the best insight as to what's going on with internal staff affairs, so he's the one that makes the decisions at that level -- it's why he's there.

    Doc is still on the network, and he obviously wouldn't be kicked off the network since he's helped for so many years. But, being staff means working seamlessly with everyone else on the team, and if mink thinks there's an issue, then he is free to resolve it how he sees fit.

    It's cool that everyone is sticking up for Doc, and I like him too, but there's a difference between showing that he was a liked staff member and actively complaining about his removal. The former is more effective.

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    IRC Operators are selected by Server administrators. If a server administrator no longer wishes to have someone on their staff they are at liberty to remove them from their server. Making vague posts about injustice without knowing the full story is foolish. I had nothing to do with said decision, your picking me to claim is at the heart of this just shows your ignorance of the issue. Locking this thread.
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