I've been using Rizon for almost three years now and lately I switched clients.
IRCCloud is in beta and it's free, it stores your chat history even when you aren't logged into the website, which is a really cool feature.
At first I was confused as to why I kept getting banned randomly after many pleasant hours of idling.

I know the IRCCloud devs have a ton of troubleshooting on their end but it seems like it's a problem with the way Rizon interacts with the service.
For some reason entirely beyond me I get stuck in #dontjoinitsatrap inevitably after connect, and everyone I invited to the service has the same problem.

I've already appealed my ban (not that I think it'll do me too much good), I would just merely like to report the problem in the hopes that at some point the bugs are cleared up.

Like I said IRCCloud is a really wonderful service, and Rizon is my hood.
I would hate to have to switch clients, can't you all just play nice??